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Co2 Laser 9.4&10.6 um Beam Expander

Co2 Laser 9.4&10.6 um Beam Expander


For collimation of CO2 laser<100W 
Fixed magnifications 2x-20x 
Adjustable divergence
Galilean Design



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Beam Expander – CO2 Laser 9.4/10.6 um

The most common type beam expander is derived from Galilean telescope which usually
has one negative input lens and one positive output lens. The input lens presents a 
virtual beam focus at the output. For low expansion ratio, the Galilean telescope
is most often employed due to simplicity, small package size and low cost. Beam expander
is commonly used to magnify the laser diameter to be focused back in smaller spot size.

BEX Series – Adjustable Beam Expander

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