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Multi-Purpose Compact Monochromator-Spectrograph Model M150 Spectral range typical 190-3600nm

측정기 Detectors, SOLAR, Monochromators|

Applications:-Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy-As a Spectral Selection Device for  Use with a Streak-Camera-Multichannel Spectroscopy-Measurements [...]

Automated Monochromator-Spectrograph Model M266 Spectral range typical 180-3600nm

측정기 Detectors, SOLAR, Monochromators|

Applications:-Emission, Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy-Multi-Channel Spectroscopy-Absorption, Reflection and Transmission-Measurements-Analytical Tasks from UV to [...]

High-Resolution Automated Raman Spectrograph Model M833 Spectral range typical 180 – 4800nm

측정기 Detectors, SOLAR, Monochromators|

Applications:-Raman Spectroscopy-Emission and Fluorescence Spectroscopy-Analytical Tasks Demanding High Resolution  in the Range from UV [...]

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