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Miniature High Dynamic Range Spectrometer Model S41-I Spectral range 200-400nm Model S41-II Spectral range 390-780nm Model S41-II Spectral range 754-1140nm

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Advantages:-Miniature design-High aperture ratio-High linearity and wide dynamic range-No need for an external [...]

Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer Model S100-3648 Spectral range 190-1100nm Model S100-2048 Spectral range 200-1100nm Model S100-1024 Spectral range 200-1050nm

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ADVANTAGES:- extremely wide range – 190 to 1100 nm – covered with the use [...]

High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer Model SC125-S1042010420 and SC125-S7030 Spectral range 200-1100nm

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FEATURES:-Up-to-date model based on back-thinned arrays  for operation with low signals-Enhanced UV sensitivity-Monolithic housing [...]

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