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TECH-263nm ultra-violet (UV)

TECH-263nm ultra-violet (UV)

Application fields:  materials micromachining, laser marking, photoacoustics,LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy), DLIP (Direct Laser Interference Patterning), mass spectrometry, laser-induced fluorescence, remote sensing, high technologies R&D, ablation.

-Active Q-switched mode of operation with nanosecond pulse duration
-High pulse energy and peak power
-Perfect beam quality
-Ultra-compact design
-Conductive cooling of laser head
-External / internal triggering, PC control via RS-232 



→ 상품 상세 정보 : TECH-263nm ultra-violet (UV)

1.Measured at 1 kHz pulse repetition rate.
2.Triggering with external electric pulse generator; generator is not included in delivery set.
3.Generation of periodical laser pulses using PC, step 0.01 kHz. Average energy may be changed by software from 10% up to maximum value.
4.Generation of periodical laser pulses at fixed rep. rate; external generator and/or PC are not required.
5.Sync Out signal is generated by pulse of laser light.
6.Depending on pulse repetition rate. Fan Heat Sink to be attached depending on operation conditions and/or pulse repetition rate operation range.

Application example


  PET film  

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