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Acousto-Optic AOTF Tunable Filters

Acousto-Optic AOTF Tunable Filters

Acousto-Optic AOTF Tunable Filters

An AOTF is a solid-state, electronically tunable bandpass filter, 

which uses the acousto-optic interaction

inside an anisotropic medium. These filters can be used with

multi-lines sources (mixed

gas lasers, Laser diodes…) or with broadband light sources 

(Xenon, Halogen lamps…). They allow to

select and transmit a single wavelength from the incoming light.

AA proposes a whole range of AOTFs based on TeO2 with

shear acoustic mode. The filters are designed

so as to get the best performances in each wavelength 

range and to satisfy most of the applications:

resolution down to 1 nm, Field of view up to 20 degrees, 

apertures up to 10 mm…

In most cases, the filtered output from the tunable filter

is made collinear to make easier the use of

these devices, and to satisfy fiber pigtailing conditions.

 A random input polarization will be separated

into two orthogonal polarizations (order -1 and +1).



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